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Bijaya Dhanurjaya Pur Sasan (also known as B.D.Pur, or previously as Tentulia Sasan) is a village/Grama Panchayat under Jagannath Prasad block of Ganjam district in Odisha, India.

King Dhanurjaya Bhanja (forefather of Kabi Samrat Upendra Bhanja) donated a small piece of land to a group of Brahmin so they could assist him in worshiping the deities of the kingdom, as well as to look after the medical needs of the community. The Tripathy family were engaged as Kaviraj (practitioners of Ayurveda) and everyone else was engaged as priests. After the advent of democracy in India, most of the priests took teaching jobs. At present almost half the people in the village make their living through teaching or intellectual jobs.

Geography and institutions:
Bijaya Dhanurjaya Pur Sasan is a semi-urban village located 15 kilometres (9.3 mi) from Bhanjanagar towards the Bhubaneswar state highway. The people from roughly 15 to 20 nearby villages depend on this road for communication and market access. The nearest railway station is 80 kilometres (50 mi) away at Berhampur. The nearest airport is at Bhubaneswar, which is 160 kilometres (99 mi) away.

The village has a degree college (Tentulia Sasan Devasthan College) established in 1981. It has a girls high school, a co-educational high school, a M. E. school and a U.P. school. A computer education center named ITCT COMPUTER EDUCATION is located in front of United Bank of India, B.D.Pur Branch.

The following temples are located in this village:

Shri Shri Gopinath Swami Temple (where Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva (ChandraShekhar) dwell)
Shri Shri Balunkeswar Temple
Maa Gramadevati Temple
Maa Ugratara Temple
Maa Bata Mangala Temple (near Tentulia Sasana Devasthan College)
There is a Bank named United Bank of India, B.D.Pur Branch

An ancient folk drama group (Prahlada Nataka) is also based in the village.

Notable people:
Late Shri Chandramani Tripathy (First Sarapancha of the Gram panchayat)
Late Shri Dandapani Tripathy (The founder member of T.S.D. College)
Sri Binayak Tripathy (Ex Chairman of the Block)
Late Hemalata Mishra
Sri Banshidhar Kar (Retd School Teacher, Astrologer & Mythologist)